Remedial Massage is one of the most restorative therapies because it is systemic and considers, not only muscle, but tendons, ligaments, fascia and connective tissue within the body. Remedial treatment effectively reduces pain and restores function to the body.

If you have chronic pain, muscle tension or just your everyday aches and pains that you’ve been ‘putting up with’ then a remedial therapy session may be just what you need.

In a session, your therapist will assess where you need treatment and what may be causing your pain. The therapist will find the area that is compromised and will tailor treatment to your specific needs.

The treatment may involve deep tissue work for short periods of time and varying degrees of suitable hands-on pressure will be applied to improve the integrity and function of the muscles and overall body movement.

Conditions such as sports injuries both old and new, sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, stiff necks, lower or upper back pain, headaches, leg and joint pain, overuse, can all be eased with a remedial treatment. Even after one treatment clients will begin to feel more powerful and strength from the inside out.


Are you tired, exhausted or feeling like you have no more gas in your tank? Are you a busy mother or maybe a father who commutes? Maybe you’re a teen or young adult feeling the pressure of school or work? Whatever the case may be a Relaxation Massage may be something that you need simply to give yourself a little TLC.

Relaxation Massage is determined and dictated by you. Our therapists will use flowing strokes, kneading and gentle manipulation to bring relief and relaxation to your body. The pressure is always determined by what you need or desire.

Our goal is to see you drift off to sleep as we bring relaxation into your body through seamless blood flow allowing your muscles to relax and tension to leave your body.

This is a pain free way to bring relaxation into your body, soul and spirit.