I initially went to Ali for a relaxation massage, which was, as promised, relaxing. After a few appointments, I decided to ask about her Remedial work. Little did I know that the lower back pain I had been ‘living with’ could change. I guess as a busy mum of three I just came to accept it. After the first Remedial treatment, I felt a difference. I didn’t realise how much pain I had been accepting and living with. I went back for three more treatments and with each week, I couldn’t wait to get into her room and have her work on me. At times, it was uncomfortable but only momentarily and Ali walks you through the discomfort using breathing techniques. Every moment is worth it and I’m still reaping the benefits of her work. Being someone who has massages regularly I have to say that Ali is the first person to ‘unlock pain’. I’m so happy with her work she has become my ‘go to’ massage therapist. I have now sent my 17-old-daughter who is deep in the HSC and needs some relaxation coupled with remedial work and will soon send my 15-year-old son who needs work from soccer injuries. Ali is a gifted practitioner and I’m confident the Hope Wellness Centre will bring healing to many over the years. My family have certainly benefitted.


I have been seeing Ali as my massage therapist for over 18 months now. I have been seeking a therapist who doesn’t just make me ‘feel good’ momentarily but helps me to find health and wholeness for the long hawl. I used to travel to Sydney to receive such treatment and with the traffic going either way would defeat the purpose.

Ali has walked me through the diagnosis of auto immune issues which causes my muscles to tighten and limit my capacity on so many levels.

Initially I would see her 2 times a week until my muscles where no longer locked up, with natural treatment in partnership with my Dr dietician and Ali as my massage therapist, whom gives me stretches to do between visits I am well on the way to a full recovery. I now see Ali monthly- 6 weeks and have the capacity to work 3-4 days a week as a cafe manager and have been doing so for 4 months now and loving it. I never thought this would ever be a possibility for me. I will never forget how I felt telling my old employer that I couldn’t work for them any more as my body just isn’t functioning and we don’t know why. To think I have not had 1 day off work in 4 months. I equate that to Ali’s dedication to seeing me made whole again. Her wholistic approach has been ever so refreshing and life changing. I am forever grateful. Great days ahead.